Bandi Sanjay Kumar

BJP Telangana President | MP – Karimnagar |

Bandi Sanjay Kumar


11 July 1971 in Karimnagar


MA (public admin.)

Government Positions Held

BJP Telangana President | MP – Karimnagar |

Election History

Bandi was elected a municipal corporator for Karimnagar's 48th division in 2005, and served in this role until his resignation in 2019, when he was elected to the Lok Sabha. Bandi was also fielded by the BJP in 2014 and 2018 as its candidate for the state assembly elections; he contested the Karimnagar seat both times. He was, however, unsuccessful in both elections, and lost to the Telangana Rashtra Samiti's Gangula Kamalakar.[5] In the 2019 Indian general election, Bandi was fielded by the BJP from the Karimnagar Lok Sabha constituency. He contested against the incumbent Member of Parliament, the Telangana Rashtra Samiti's B. Vinod Kumar, and the Indian National Congress' Ponnam Prabhakar.[5] Riding on a wave of support in favor of incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP, which extended to Telangana,[6] Bandi was elected by a margin of 89,508 votes.[7] His election was considered something of a surprise due to the BJP's prior lack of significant strength in Telangana,[8] as well as the fact that his both his major opponents were politically well-established.[5] With his election to the Lok Sabha, Bandi became one of four Bharatiya Janata Party MPs from Telangana, a historic first for the party.[9] In addition to his position as an MP, Bandi serves as the president of the Telangana state unit of the BJP.[5] After he became State President, He strengthened party and made party best alternative to ruling TRS Party. In Dubaka by-election, Bandi Sanjay as President of Telangana State BJP, Played key role in his Party candidate Raghanandan Rao victory. In GHMC Municipal Election 2020, He taken full responsibility and made BJP the second largest party.


   Bandi was born on 11 July 1971 to B. Narsayya and B. Sakuntala. He completed his secondary schooling at Sri Saraswathi Shishumandir Unnata paathashaala, in Karimnagar, in 1986. Bandi was also active in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh as a youth, joining the organization at the age of twelve.[2]

Political career

              HYDERABAD: Ending days of suspense, the BJP national leadership on Wednesday appointed Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar as party’s Telangana State president. The announcement of Sanjay Kumar’s appointment was made by party president JP Nadda in Delhi. By replacing the incumbent Dr K Laxman with Sanjay Kumar, the party seems to have decided to have a leader who has a lot of fire in his belly to take the TRS head-on and also the AIMIM, which has been growing quietly across the State.
   The party has also taken into consideration Bandi Sanjay Kumar’s caste - Munnuru Kapu - a backward class community, which is numerically powerful in north Telangana districts. Though Dr Laxman too belonged to the same caste, Sanjay Kumar beat him in the race, with his appeal among the youth, his strong moorings in RSS ideology and his commitment to the Hindutva cause.
        Though Dr Laxman too had fought valiantly against the TRS, the party leadership appears to have decided to test, for a change, Sanjay Kumar’s ability to take on KCR in the next Assembly elections with his penchant for playing up emotive issues like the Hindutva and his panache in going to any extent to improve the prospects of the party. Bandi Sanjay’s appointment to the top BJP post in the State also signals the end of the vice-like grip of the Hyderabad-based leaders on the party and proves that leaders from other districts too can make the cut. Till the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, hardly anyone outside the BJP knew about him. He was a corporator in Karimnagar Municipal Corporation. Though he tested his luck in the 2014 and 2018 Assembly elections by contesting for Karimnagar seat, he could not succeed. But when the Lok Saha elections arrived, dame fortune smiled on him as he brought down TRS heavyweight B Vinod Kumar with a margin of over 89,500 votes.
             The party, which was an underdog after the 2018 Assembly elections, saw its fortunes soar by the time of the Parliament elections. From a score of one Assembly seat of the total 119 seats in the Assembly elections, it rose to winning four Lok Sabha seats — Adilabad, Karimnagar, Nizamabad and Secunderabad. This sudden spike in the party’s fortunes has made the leaders dare to dream that they could make a dash for power in the State as Telangana soil, they believe, is always conducive for the party to sink in its roots deep, owing to historical reasons. As the Muslim population in Telangana is about 12 per cent, it is easy for the party to make smart gains by consolidating Hindus. 
            Born on July 11, 1971, in Karimnagar, Sanjay Kumar grew in RSS ecosystem. He had been fed RSS ideology since he was 12 years old. A silent worker that Sanjay is, no one noticed his quiet rise in the ABVP and BJYM and he subsequently becoming an MP. Now, he would be leading the BJP forces against the TRS in the next Assembly elections.

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